CTR Rad Brake

CTR Rad Brake

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After years of development encompassing feedback from both competition shooters and hunters, we are excited to introduce the MOUNTAIN TACTICAL® Rad Brake.

Three years ago, we embarked on a mission to create the ultimate muzzle brake. Here were our requirements:

•  Self-timing
•  Simple to install
•  Reduce/eliminate muzzle rise
•  Reduce recoil
•  Send sound away from the shooter
•  Increase accuracy
•  No bottom ports for prone shooting
•  Reduce the ear-piercing crack at the shooter’s ear
•  Low profile to reduce weight and bulk
•  Keep It Simple!

This brake is just rad on so many levels!

Through rigorous testing, we accomplished every requirement on our list.

Installation is simple. The only tool necessary is a 7/8” wrench.

The linear gas flow reduces blowback and sound to the shooter.

Encompassing both top, side, and 45-degree porting keeps the muzzle down and your sight picture on target.

Gasses are ported away from the ground so shooters in the prone position will not kick up debris with each shot.

Recoil reduction is significant. Magnum cartridges are incredibly easy to shoot. Since your sight picture is not lost from recoil, follow-up shots are quick and precise.

The MOUNTAIN TACTICAL® Rad Brake is an essential upgrade for rifles like the Tikka Tac-A1, Tikka T3x Roughtech, Tikka CTR, and gas guns like the AR-15 and AR-10 with HBAR profile barrels.

This brake is designed with both hunters and precision shooters in mind.