GRS Bifrost

GRS Bifrost

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As soon as we introduced the GRS Berserk, we began thinking of ways of improving it. The GRS Bifrost is the corollary of the mix between GRS's “continuous improvement" mindset and the market feedback through our clients. We set out to create a stock fully packed with features, lighter and stronger than all our previous offerings.

If you are a fan of our Speedlock adjustment system, you’ll love GRS Bifrost’s Speedlock2. We added height and tilt/cant adjustments for the recoil pad, in addition to the already recognizable length of pull and cheek adjustments that were standard on the Speedlock system. And we made the Speedlock2 stronger, capable of handling even the hardest recoiling calibers. Rubber inlays have been added to the ergonomic GRS grip, offset and angled, offering unsurpassed shooting comfort in all weather conditions.

How do you mount your bipod? Do you use sling stud, picatinny rail, or spigot? All are easily mounted on the Bifrost. Do you use a monopod or a bag rider? We added a picatinny rail on the bottom of the buttstock that will make these additions easy. Included mounts for forearm picatinny rails, flush cups, sling swivels are other user-friendly details that will make you think of GRS Bifrost as the ultimate rifle-stock.

Compared to other GRS models, the Bifrost receives a GRS rating of Light-Weight, 9/10 in Ruggedness and 9/10 in Adjustability.


  • Weight : 2.97 lb (1.35 kg)
  • Lenght of Pull : 13.78 in - 14.96 in (35 - 38 cm)
  • 30 - 65 % glass fiber reinforced composite material
  • Canting of recoil pad in 5* increments
  • SpeedLock 2.0 adjustment system
  • Black, Brown and Green colours
  • Available in right-hand and left-hand
  • Recommended torque settings : 3.83 ft-lb (5.2 Nm).
  • Blaser R8 inlet is for the R8 Professional trigger unit