Tac Canada - ATC

Welcome to her online store!

We are specialize in custom rifle for PRS, ELR and precision shooting for 10 years.

We have a full service in gunsmithing and stocking the best products in the firearms industrie. If you looking for a specific item contact us

 Reamer available 

.223 Rem
 25 Creedmoor - revision 2 de blackjack( 0.290 NK et 0.115 FB)
 6mm Remington
 6mm Creedmoor
 6mm BR
 6mm BRX
 6.5 PRC
 6.5 Creedmoor
 7mm Remington Mag
 280 AI
 28 Nosler
.308 win Match
30-06 Sprg 
.300 win Mag
.300 WSM
.300 Ultra Mag
 300 PRC
 300 Norma mag
.358 Win 

and more on demand.

* Valid firearms possession and acquisition license is required. We will contact you to validate your information.