Full Modular Anti-Static Powder Funnel Set

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Precision fit and premium function, at a great price.  This funnel comes with a dozen caliber specific insert to cater to nearly any reloading situation.

We use additive manufacturing to produce this funnel set with an “Electrostatic Discharge Safe” material that prevents static buildup.  Typically reserved for use with sensitive electronics, we have found this material to produce exceptional powder flow results at a pleasing cost when compared to subtractively manufactured funnels.

This complete funnel set features interchangeable inserts in all common calibers from .17-.375.  All inserts feature a reamed neck diameter for consistent fit, and an optimized powder bore for maximum flow characteristics.  Superior to universal funnels in both fit and function, and functions specifically well with finer powders that typically have static cling issues.

Four small handles in the corner provide an easy gripping surface for two fingers, without disturbing funnel balance caused by non-symmetrical design.  Spiral fluting is mostly aesthetic, but does provide powder agitation and helps prevent bridging particularly upon large powder dumps.


Full list of inserts included: 
.17, .20, .22, .6mm, .25, 6.5mm, 7, .30, 8mm, .338, .35, .375